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Kimberly Joyce, Host

Embodiment Therapist

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A message from Kimberly Joyce:

Be vulnerable. Are you ready to connect?  Click the link above to confidentially share the places in your life where you feel afraid, confused, insecure or tender.  Trust.  

Dr. Shimi Kang, M.D.
Author, the Dolphin Parent

A message from Dr. Shimi Kang, MD:

Fear is normal at this time.  Its ok, feel it and let pass.  Don't hold on to it as then it becomes stress.  Stress releases cortisol, reduces our immune functioning and moves from our thinking and feeling brain to our reactive brain.  Staying calm, connected, grateful and optimistic during these times is a challenge.  It is only through challenge that we grow.  I know you can do it.  We all can.  Health, happiness and empowerment is hardwired in us.  Enjoy the journey within, Shimi

Beth Kurland, PhD
Author, Dancing on the Tightrope

Moving From Surviving to Thriving:  Stepping Out of Our Mental Habits and Into Our Lives

A message from Beth Kurland, PhD:

During these uncertain and most challenging of times, I offer a few thoughts to help people cope:  

1.  If possible, find moments of refuge in present moment experiences.  For most people, our nervous systems are on high alert much more than usual.  Finding even brief points throughout the day where we can engage in activities that allow us to be fully present can help our bodies to experience a mini reset. This might involve anything from cooking, going for a walk in nature, playing with a child or pet, getting absorbed in a piece of music, doing a creative project or something as mundane as folding laundry.  When we are fully present, it helps us step out of the mental rumination that can increase our suffering.

2.  Pay attention to the "diet" you feed yourself-  In case, not food (though healthy foods are a great idea!), but the information you consume each day.  While it is important to stay informed, make sure to fill yourself up with daily inspiration and positivity from your favorite sources.  With so much being live-streamed now, there are some great choices out there on a daily basists.

3.  As I heard health psychologisit Kelly McGonigal talk about in an interview for NICABM, in times of difficulty, focus not so much is out of our control. we can choose how we show up in any given moen.  We can choose courage, compassion, kindness, and self care among other things.

4.  As Thich Nhat Hanh said in The Art of Living, ( I am paraphrasing here)-  when we turn inward our suffering and hold it compassionately the way we would a crying child, when we can meet our pain with a reassurance that we are here for ourselves: rather than trying to push it away, we can bring some ease to our suffering.

Tara Cousineau, PhD
Author, the Kindness Cure

Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion

A message from Tara Cousinea, PhD & Author of The Kindness Cure

In changing and chaotic times, we need to slow down and reset our stress.  Let's use this time to practice recuiting our own physiology to calm our bodies and minds with caring attention.  It truly is time to hit the personal pause button and practice social distancing as an act of kindness towards oneself and others.  Remember:  whatever we insert into our social oives is contagious, so that means being kind and calm is alos contagious!

Bobi Seredich, Co Founder
Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence

The Power of Living in True Authenticity

Do you have the courage to explore your Emotional Intelligence?  It’s time to feel vulnerable and begin to face your emotions.  The breathe is a powerful tool to get oxygen back up to your neocortex which is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, conscious thought, and in humans, language.

Bhanu Joy Harrison
UCLA Mindfulness Facilitator

Mindfulness for Challenging Emotions

A message from Bhanu Joy Harrison:

It is easy at this time to project our worries and concerns into the future.  What helps us stay grounded, is to be connected to our bodies, in the here and now.  Take a moment to notice your breath!  If you are still breathing, there is more right with your than wrong...and you are still alive!  Feel your weight in your chair or on the ground.  Taste your food; feel the satisfaction of drinking water.  These moments of embodied mindfulness go a long way to bringing our attention back to the present moent, where the body always lives.  Soften you brow; relax your hands and send kind thought to all those who are suffering and strength to those doing the care giving.  We will get through this. 


Susanna Mittermaier, PhD
Author, Pragmatic Psychology

What If Your Insanity Is The Sanity That Changes The World? 

Are you curious about if your insanity is the sanity that will change the world? What if the things you call problems and difficulties are possibilities to change direction in your life?  Or what if your abilities are hiding behind your disabilities?  Let’s make a choice at this moment, and consciously begin to interpret your body sensations instead of labeling it!  Do you trust your inner GPS, your “knowing”,  to bring you more clarity and ease to where you want to go in life.  

Harper West, PhD
Self-Acceptance Psychology

A New Paradigm of understanding Your Behavior.

        What is Self-Acceptance Psychology?

We all struggle.  We all are flawed.  We are all going to fail.  Be compassionate and Be Kind to Yourself and others.  Embrace Mindfulness, and Be less emotionally reactive!!

Alyssa Dver, Co Founder
the American Confidence Institute

Confidence is a Choice

Courage allows you to take that first step which is always the hardest.  Being more emotionally intelligent will help you build your confidence You can learn ways to be more consistently confident in your life.  Neuroplasticity takes repetition.  Confidence is practice.  Confidence is a choice.  Confidence is a state of Being.   

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