John Michael Zinn, PhD


Dr. Zinn brings an elevated combination of science, psychology, philosophy and wellness. His first degree was in science and the first seven years of his career he worked on the NASA project. After competing internationally in rowing and swimming, he discovered he wasn’t happy. He then started to have “Happy People” parties. As a result, he started discovering wellness and joy. He then founded one of the first Men’s consciousness groups.

He has a unique doctorate in Transformational Psychology, encompassing positive psychology, which is psychological wellness, spiritual psychology, and transpersonal psychology, which is Eastern and Western psychology, philosophy and religion. Basically, this way of applying psychology helps people transform their lives, with an emphasis on wellness. He’s proud to say he is one of the pioneers in this field, which involves reprogramming the subconscious belief system. As part of this work, this is how he created an individualized owner’s manual, which is an in-depth map of your authentic self, based on a wellness model. This is the Authentic Self Guide©®. Just as each human has a unique fingerprint, so too does each person have a unique set of gifts, talents, temperament, structure of intelligence and way of interacting with the world. Given the unique fingerprint of the Authentic Self Guide, you can redesign your life around who you really are versus who you think you should be. Let us help you discover the true you and design your life.

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